Crib Recall

PT Domusindo Perdana drop-side cribs/Jenny Lind Recalled Crib

When parents place their baby in a crib one thing that they are counting on is that the baby will be safe.  Unfortunately, 32 deaths have been linked to drop-side cribs.   New safety standard have not been implemented that eliminates the use of drop-sides on cribs.

Although the newer cribs will not have the standard drop side, there may… Continue reading

Following the death and injury of babies due to cribs, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has new standards when it comes to cribs.   As of today only cribs that meet these new standards are to be sold in stores.

Some of the new mandatory rules for cribs include: (1) stopping the manufacture and sale of dangerous, traditional drop-side cribs; (2) strengthening mattress supports and crib slats; (3) requiring… Continue reading

Child Craft brand “Crib ‘N’ Double Bed” full size stationary-side cribs with dowel is being voluntarily recalled because it is a strangulation and entrapment hazard for babies. There have been reports of babies being trapped by the head and the arm. The hazard is being caused by improperly assembling the crib. So of the sides have been assembled upside down which leaves a 5 inch gap. When the crib is… Continue reading