Emily Deschanel at Farm Sancutary Gala 2006

Emily Dreschanel life got a little busier and a lot brighter with the arrival of her baby boy Henry Hornsby. Dreschanel and her husband David Hornsby welcomed Henry into the world on September 21st. This is the first child for the couple. Dreschanel plays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan on the CBS series Bones. Hornsby premieres this September in the new CBS… Continue reading

In the United States, the rate of C-sections has grown higher that most would want at 34%. This increase in C-sections has been attributed to many factors, but many would agree that the number could be less. It was surprising to see that China is facing C-section numbers that even higher than those in the United States. A MSNBC online article states that the rate of C-section in China is… Continue reading

With the advent of infertility treatments, older women becoming pregnant and carrying a baby to term is not a humongous surprise. What is a surprise is for a woman in her 50s to become pregnant and have a healthy baby. One Australian woman was able to do just that. She was extremely surprised to find out she was pregnant. In fact, when she first began to have pregnancy symptoms she… Continue reading

For parents seeking out infertility treatment their goal is to have medicine help them have a healthy child. The ultimate goal of having healthy children may be diminished as the amount of babies that the mom is pregnant with increases. The more babies that an expectant mother is carrying the earlier she will have to deliver those babies. There are potential complications to both the mother and the baby.… Continue reading

All across the globe in industrialized nations there has been a rise in multiple births and pregnancies.   Advance maternal age at time of conception and fertility treatment contributes to the rise in multiple births.  

Canadian officials have seen that there is a need to institute new policies in monitoring the pregnancies of twins.  Although twins are double the blessing, there are additional possible complications that… Continue reading

Adopting a baby or older child brings da lot of joy into a family, but that joy will not cover the financial cost of adoption.  The government has tax credits for families that adopt children.  The current adoption tax credit can be applied to any federal taxes a family owes and the remaining amount is then given as a refund.    In the coming years there… Continue reading

It may seem like this would be something seen in patriarchal societies where the men get the inheritance, but a Gallup poll has shown that the majority of the respondents said that they would prefer to have a baby boy.   Of the 1020 Americans that were randomly polled; 40% would prefer a baby boy, 28 wanted a baby girl and the rest of those polled said that… Continue reading

On the way to the hospital, which happened to be 15 minute away, Mandy Lambert surprisingly gave birth to a baby boy.   Her mother-in-law was driving her and according to the mom she left the house as soon as labor started.  This was her third pregnancy and her third go around with labor and therefore Lambert thought she had enough time to get to the hospital… Continue reading

A truly miraculous pregnancy and birth happened when a baby was delivered at 32 weeks after growing outside his mother’s uterus.  Nicky Soto was told when she was 18 months pregnant that the baby was not growing in her uterus and that it was definite risk to her life and the life of her unborn son.  The mom decided to continue on with the pregnancy and remained in… Continue reading

According to a article, researchers have found that women who gain weight after the delivery of a baby are more likely to develop gestational diabetes in their next pregnancy.  Gestational diabetes is diabetes that develops during pregnancy and goes away after the birth of the baby.  Babies born to women with gestational diabetes have the risks of having a high birth rate, low blood sugar,… Continue reading