According to, Melissa Joan Hart is four months pregnant with her second child. Most will remember Melissa from the show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, but there was also the show that I loved called “Clarissa Explains It All.”

Melissa first son, Mason, is now 2 years-old. Melissa said she did want to have a new sibling for her son by the time his was 3. This is should give… Continue reading

Babies do love water.  One little baby is loving water and his water skis

According to the Associated Press “Twenty-two-month-old Cole Marsolek of Menomonie [,Wisconsin] took up water-skiing last Wednesday on a training ski.”

Now a lot great athletes have started very young in their sports.  Maybe will see Cole as professional water skier in a a decade or two.

A scientific study has shown that mothers like the smell of their baby’s poop better  than the smell of any other baby’s poop.Researchers in the study said that maybe  parents have become adapted to the smell of their own child’s poop. Well, it has been said for generations that mother’s have looked more favorable on their children.  Now we know that a mother’s love goes right down… Continue reading

Angelina has said that little Zahara is a little jealous of her sister Shiloh.  Children show some reaction to having a new child in the home.

My oldest daughter, who was 2 1/2 years old at the time, became very jealous when her little sister was born.  It did take a while for her to adjust to having another person getting mommy’s and daddy’s attention. … Continue reading