Love it or hate it the name Blue Ivy is a unique name for a baby.   Beyoncé and Jay-Z know that, and are now filing papers to have their baby’s name trademarked.    Now some would say that the couple is going after the profits that may be tied to the name, but it is could also be called defensive parenting.  According to… Continue reading

Several people will soon be charged with scamming couples out of thousands of dollars.   At least 6 victims of the scam have been identified.   The Associated Press reported that charges will soon be filed by the Oklahoma Attorney General against several people that faked pregnancies with the intention to just defraud families.

One positive is that there is not an actual child involved in this situation.… Continue reading

A truly miraculous pregnancy and birth happened when a baby was delivered at 32 weeks after growing outside his mother’s uterus.  Nicky Soto was told when she was 18 months pregnant that the baby was not growing in her uterus and that it was definite risk to her life and the life of her unborn son.  The mom decided to continue on with the pregnancy and remained in… Continue reading

Most international families that look to adopt a child from an orphanage in China expect that everything is legal and that the child that they are actually adopting is an orphan.  However, several investigations show that some of these children have been forcibly taken from their parents and then sold to orphanages.  These orphanages then arranged for international adoptions of the children with families from around the globe,… Continue reading

Actress Mariska Hargitay at 2008 Emmy Awards. Author:

Mariska Hargitay and her husband Peter Hermann recently adopted a baby girl.  Their new baby girl ,Amaya Josephine, joins older brother August Miklos Friedrich Hermann.  Hargitay gave birth to 5 year-old August on June 28, 2006 via emergency cesarean section.     

Hargitay stars on the NBC drama Law and Order: Special victims unit.  She is… Continue reading

According to an article on, Josh Turner and his wife are expecting baby number three. The couple has two sons Hampton 3, and Colby 1. The newest bundle of joy is due next year. The family tours together and Jennifer is actually a back-up singer and keyboardist for Josh’s band. The family plans to keep on touring together after the baby is born. Congratulation Josh and Jenniefer

Of course… Continue reading

Craig Fergusion, host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, is expecting his first child with his wife Megan Wallace-Cunningham. The baby is due is due in 2011. Ferguson also has son from her previous relationship.

Ferguson is a Scottish comedian that began his time on The Late Late Show after taking over for Craig Kilborn in January 2006. Ferguson was also a part of the Drew Carey… Continue reading

In some cultures 7 is a lucky number. For Kevin Costner 7 has come to represent the 7 wonderful blessings in his life. One June 2, 2010 Costner, at the age of 55, had his 7th child. This is his third child with his current wife, 36 years-old Christine Baumgartner Costner. The couple has two sons together: 3 year-old Cayden Wyatt and 15 month-old Hayes Logan. Costner also has for… Continue reading


Claudia Schiffer gave birth to her third child this Friday. She and her husband, Matthew Vaughan, have two older children: Caspar, 7, and Clementine, 5. Schiffer has been model since being discovered as teenager in Germany. Vaughan is a producer and director of many television and movie productions. 

Jenna Elfman and her husband, Bodhi, Elfman, are expecting their second child in March.  This will make two boys for the couple.   Jenna is known for her portrayal of Dharma in the show “Dharma and Greg”.   She now is on the CBS show “Accidentally on Purpose”