Multiple Births

For parents seeking out infertility treatment their goal is to have medicine help them have a healthy child. The ultimate goal of having healthy children may be diminished as the amount of babies that the mom is pregnant with increases. The more babies that an expectant mother is carrying the earlier she will have to deliver those babies. There are potential complications to both the mother and the baby.… Continue reading

All across the globe in industrialized nations there has been a rise in multiple births and pregnancies.   Advance maternal age at time of conception and fertility treatment contributes to the rise in multiple births.  

Canadian officials have seen that there is a need to institute new policies in monitoring the pregnancies of twins.  Although twins are double the blessing, there are additional possible complications that… Continue reading

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had their twins on April 30th and have now released the names for their baby boy and baby girl. 

Their baby girl has been named Monroe Cannon.  Monroe, like her mother, has no middle name.  Monroe was selected for the little girl’s name because it was the last name of Carey’s idol, Marilyn Monroe.  Marilyn Monroe was actually born Norma Jeane… Continue reading

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting twins, a baby boy and baby girl, this spring.    One way the couple is preparing for the arrival of the twins is by decorating two nurseries: one in their Bel Air, California  home and one at their New York home. 

In the upcoming issue of Life&Style Weekly Carey and Cannon provide a look into their Bel Air… Continue reading

Contractions had Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon heading to the hospital yesterday. The couple is expecting the arrival of their twins this spring.  According to, Carey and Cannon are now home from the hospital with twins still gestating in the womb.  Carey said that her baby boy and baby girl have a few more weeks before the twins are born. 

According to the… Continue reading

Mary Stuart Masterson and her husband, Jeremy Davidson, are expecting twin babies this summer.   Masterson,44, and Davidson,39, already had a 2 year-old son together.   The stars join a large brood of celebrities that have added twins to their families in recent years.   Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are also expecting twins: a baby boy and baby girl this summer.  We do not know… Continue reading

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are happily expecting a set of twins this spring.   According to the couple had a nighttime baby shower decorated in pink and blue.  The event included celebrity friends and high-price gifts for the babies.   Cannon are expecting a baby boy and a baby girl.   They will be the first children for the couple.

According to, Celine Dion and her husband welcomed twin baby boys October 23rd in West Palm Beach, Florida. The couple has a 9 year-old son together ,who was conceived through IVF.   The couple had several IVF attempts before they were able to conceive their twins.  In May they happily announced to the world that they were expected twins.  Then in July they very… Continue reading

According to Jennifer Lopez’ dad she is in fact expecting twins.  The rumors have been circulating for months that the singer is expecting twins and it was later confirmed in a interview that Jennifer Lopez’s dad did with Escándalo TV.   Lopez’s dad also said that twins do run in the family. 

With the use of fertility treatment there has been a increase in multiple births.… Continue reading