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For several years the safety of crib bumpers have been called into question.      Some have linked the bumpers to infant strangulation,entrapment, and suffocation.   Retailers would have until June 21,2013  to comply with the ban.     The ban does not include the mesh crib bumpers.

The proposed regulation defines baby bumper pads to be banned as: “a pad or pads… Continue reading

Chicago city ordinance has been enacted that bans baby bumpers. Although there is not federal rule against baby bumpers the Chicago felt that it was enough of a public safety concern to enact the ordinance. Baby bumpers have been linked to some infant suffocation deaths. In seven months retailers in the city of Chicago are no longer allowed to sell crib bumpers in their stores. The Consumer Product Safety Council… Continue reading

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting twins, a baby boy and baby girl, this spring.    One way the couple is preparing for the arrival of the twins is by decorating two nurseries: one in their Bel Air, California  home and one at their New York home. 

In the upcoming issue of Life&Style Weekly Carey and Cannon provide a look into their Bel Air… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland ranks as one of the best literary classic.  The popularity of the story has crossed has created a desire for parents to have an Alice in Wonderland themed baby nursery.  Former Bacherollete Jen Schefft and her husband Joe Waterman provided a look of their baby’s nursery in an USWeekly online video.  The theme does not exactly include pictures and images of the characters from… Continue reading

According to an article by the Dayton Daily News many more parents are looking for sophisticated baby nurseries that can grow with the child and is gender neutral.  The article states that many moms and dads are getting way from cutesy nurseries like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse.  Although there are nursery trends that do not include cartoon characters and cutesy figures, many parents are… Continue reading

Jungle baby bedding is a popular for crib sets.  It features many different animals: monkeys, elephants, turtles, and birds.  This is a nursery that can be used for a boy or a girl because of its gender neutral theme.  Creating something gender neutral may not of been in the mind of this family, but some do have that in mind when creating their baby’s nursery.  For… Continue reading

Daniel Baldwin has a brand new baby to call him daddy. Daniel and his wife Joanne had a baby girl on Friday morning. This is the second child for the couple who have a 1 year-old daughter . Daniel has 3 children from previous relationships.


With the econonomy at such a low and people looking for ways to save new parents are also trying to cut back on cost.  One way you can save is by pruchasing low cost baby bedding.  There are baby bedding sets that are under $40.  Do not be surprised to see baby bedding sets for less than $20.  Although $20 bedding sets are a rare ,they do occur.

Boston Legal actress Julie Bowen and her husband Scott Phillips are seeing double! The couple, who announced last November that they were expecting another child, are actually having twin boys, her rep confirms to PEOPLE

More and more twins are coming and they are adorable. Double the cuteness and double to fun.

Source: People

Winnie the Pooh has been a favorite for parent and adults for decades so it is no surprise that Winnie the Pooh themed baby bedding is a favorite among new and expectant parents. Winnie the Pooh has the charm and fun that is extremely irresistible. His childlike personality is adorable and fun. The other Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood characters like Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore also have… Continue reading

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