Prince William and Catherine,Duchess of Cambridge in 2013

Prince William and Catherine,Duchess of Cambridge in 2013

Just a day after giving birth, the Duchess of Cambridge left hospital with her newborn son and husband, Prince William.  As always, Catherine looked stunning.   I could not say that about myself the day after giving birth.   The couple and baby were photographed together and it was one of the those “AaahHH…”  moment.  Of course babies will always do that to you.

It is reported that William was by Catherine’s side that whole time as she labored.  She was able to give birth naturally to her  8 lb 6 oz baby boy.

As of now, there has not been a name given for the baby boy, but you can bet that many are waiting in anticipation for the official name as they waited for the birth.   Since there official surname is Mountbatten-Windsor, they can pick a B name (Bradford perhaps) so that the initials can be BMW.  Just a little joke- you don’t have to send the tacky police after me. Most likely they are spending getting to know their little boy before picking the name of the child that will one day be king.

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