ClaudiaSchiffer_MatthewVaughan,pregnantClaudia Schiffer gave birth to her third child this Friday. She and her husband, Matthew Vaughan, have two older children: Caspar, 7, and Clementine, 5. Schiffer has been model since being discovered as teenager in Germany. Vaughan is a producer and director of many television and movie productions. 

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  • Congratulations!Probably will go with another C name. Cadence, Caitlin, Cailin, Calista, Calloipe, Camille, Camilla, Caprice, Carissa, Carlie, Carys, Catriona, Cecilia, Charlotte, Clara, Claire, Celia, Cora, Caroline. I see them using eiehtr Charlotte, Cecilia, or Camilla.For boys: Charles, Cole, Cyrus, Carter, Caspian, Calum, Connor, Colin, Calvin, Corbin, Cedric. Seeing what they used before I see them using Charles, Cyrus, or Carter.Clementine, Casper, and CharlotteOr Clementine, Casper and Cyrus.

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