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To say that the Chicago Bears has dedicated and committed fans would be an understatement.  We are talking about a team that began in Illinois about 100 years ago.   Originally named the Decatur Stanleys and located in Decatur, Illinois, the team has seen several changes since its inaugural season in 1919.   After changing location to Chicago and then ownership, the team was soon renamed the Chicago Bears.     The Chicago Bears have had varied season; some that fan fondly recollect and others that they would like to never ever speak of or remember.   Over the years the Chicago Bears have been able to win one Super Bowl – in 1985.    Before the merger of the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL)   the team won 8 NFL championships.     

For Bear’s fans that want to give their cubs an early exposure to their favorite team, there are baby bedding items that fit the bill.      Although there are times when the stock of crib sets may be limited, parents do have some options.   One thing that is always popular is the baby blankets.  Parent can chose to use solid color sheets along with a Chicago Bears themed baby blanket.    

Baby Fanatic Security Bear - Chicago Bears Team Colors

Baby Bedding Price:$13.16

Baby Fanatic Pre-Walker Hightop, Chicago Bears

Baby Bedding Price:$15.95

FOCO Chicago Bears Thematic Piggy Bank

Baby Bedding Price:$27.50

Baby Fanatic Car Seat Canopy, Chicago Bears

Baby Bedding Price:$29.99

NFL Football 2014 Baby Infant Girls Pink Pacifier 2-Pack - Pick Team (Chicago Bears - Pink)

Baby Bedding Price:$10.99

Baby Fanatic Pacifier with Clip, Chicago Bears

Baby Bedding Price:$11.99

Chicago Bears Infant 2-pack Pacifier - Navy Blue

Baby Bedding Price:$10.99

Baby Fanatic Team Color Bibs, Chicago Bears, 2-Count

Baby Bedding Price:$9.99

Baby Fanatic Fork and Spoon Set, Chicago Bears

Baby Bedding Price:$11.95

500 LEVEL Walter Payton Chicago Football Baby Clothes, Onesie, Creeper, Bodysuit - 3-6 Months White - Walter Payton Chicago Skyline

Baby Bedding Price:$19.99